Girls. Girls with toes in puddles Girls clutching the rubble of their souls to an empty chest Girls caressed, wanting to return coalesced into the frame of their younger selves Girls with rumbling tummies and grumbling parents Girls with jeans ripped and blood all dripped Over the years from wrists crevassed Sewn with fine blades […]


​Ma told me once that a man truly learns love when he understands touch. “When his fingertips graze the skin of his beloved in sync with her slow, gentle breathing, and he learns to kiss a woman as slowly as she first lifted her gaze to look into his eyes with softness for him shining […]

Flowers and Her

​Crushed white primrose petals seem to have made home around the heels of her feet. Her mouth reminds me of pink cosmos petals very carefully adorned with dew in all the right places. She identifies herself with delphiniums : although blessed with eternal beauty, her heart remains a deep blue ocean of toxic love. I […]


​The universe is a labyrinth of what is right and what is easy, what is socially incorrect and all the petty desires and insane fetishes that the human mind is capable of having in its apathetic glory. And we’re trying to get through, you and I, pretending we knew, pretending we threw breadcrumbs on our […]


Love. I have it stuck somewhere in the wounds on my wrists which were long stitched back by a man whose beard smelled like old books and temporary romance, with slender fingers that held me only to shatter what was left. He never liked me without makeup and so I kept it on, until I […]


If I were to, in my utterly austere use of words, describe the ache she brought on my heart, I would say that never had I ever felt the pangs of icicle smiles and her fingers playing the piano on my skin so atrociously. Her tongue sticking over her upper lip with her hand holding […]


She didn’t render me speechless, Instead evoked in me Questions and wonderment. She didn’t melt down any walls, only Brought me fists full of broken bricks from hers And we lay in our debris, Sipped secrets in whispers From each other’s lips, and walked The deranged paths of our past With winter clutched to our […]